We have moved to a new location!

We have moved our Gilbert location to a new facility in Phoenix! We are excited to show you our new place. We are still in the process of moving in a lot of equipment so we won’t be ready to officially open our doors for a couple of weeks. As soon as we open, we do hope that you will come by and take a tour. We thank you for your patience and want to let you know that we remain open for business online and over the phone!

Vector Technology Systems Services

State-of-the-Art 3D Solutions

Vector Technology Systems (VTS) is an exciting full-service 3D technology solutions company located in Arizona and service customers worldwide. We specialize in delivering precision 3D solutions in the form of 3D printing, design, scanning, augmented & virtual reality. We work with clients nationwide representing diverse industries including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, architecture, and more.


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Vector Technology Systems Services


Our in-house design and engineering services are offered to public and private companies.

  • Fractionalized Ownership Interest
  • Printing Services
  • 3D Scanning Services
  • Design Services
  • Training
  • Vector Buy Back Program

3D Printing

With many in house 3d printers, these can make parts of the highest quality. We have many materials to choose from. We use them for in house printing for clients or our own prototypes. Giving us lots of experience to get you the best parts.

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Design and Engineering

Our staff has tremendous experience in engineering in many sectors. We have helped developed products for many clients with each challenging our skills. We are here to ensure the success of your projects.

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With our in house scanners we can generate high quality meshes. These scannings can also have full color texturing as well. Full body scanner is also available. 

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CNC Engraving

We are fully capable of doing CNC work in house. Laser engraving, carving, and etching. This can be done on all sorts of materials. We use high precision CNC machines so the cuts can be repeatable many times.

Vacuum Forming

Using an exceptionally large vacuum former we can make plastic molded parts. This machine is very versatile and can use a wide range of plastics. ABS, Acrylic, and PVC are among the most common and many state-of-the-art plastics can be used as well. This fabrication is very quick when the mold is designed and can create mass quantities in short period.

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3D Product Animation

To demonstrate your product properly or show its features, animations can take it to a new level of detail that traditional means cannot do. These animations are done using cinema grade software. With high detailed materials that can match your products. Boundary between real and digital are closed in animation to achieve your demonstration needs.

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CT Technology

A new form of scanning is available for you. You can look within your designs and get a whole different perspective of your models.

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Great Work Done by Us

With our talented staff we have done incredible work.

Giving Back to the community

We have a dedication of giving back to the city. To help the best we can by join forces with local organizations we are able to pinpoint where we are to direct our resources.


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