Vector technology systems (vts) is committed to providing support for our community as we battle to beat the Coronavirus. We are now providing emergency personal protective equipment (ppe) – both 3D printed in house and sourced from approved manufacturers.


Items provided

Facemasks and Protective Equipment

Vector Technology Systems is currently offering high-demand protective equipment including N-95 and KN-95 respirators, which are critical supplies in protecting our healthcare workers from COVID-19 as they continue to help those in need.

Vector Technology Systems

State-of-the-Art 3D Systems

Vector Technology Systems (VTS) is an exciting full-service 3D technology solutions company located in Gilbert, Arizona. We specialize in delivering precision 3D solutions in the form of 3D printing, design, scanning, augmented & virtual reality. We work with clients nationwide representing diverse industries including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, architecture, and more.

XYZ Printers

High Resolution Parts in Minutes

  • Remarkably Fast Printing Speed
  • Excellent Resolution and Surface Finish
  • Larger Build Volume for More Applications
  • Intuitive Operation
Vector Technology Services


Our in house design and engineering services are offered to the public and private companies.

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