PartPro350 xBC

XYZ Printing

High Productivity Color Part Platform

The PartPro350 xBC offers cutting edge printhead technology that delivers industry leading color part productivity. With speeds up to 18mm per hour for a fully loaded build volume, the PartPro350 xBC is 150% faster than other color binder technologies.

3d scanning

Full-Color Binder Jetting

With modern and reliable full pass printhead technology, the PartPro350 xBC offers brilliantly colored models at an excellent value.

Removable Build Module for High Output

The PartPro350 xBC features a removable build module to start a new prints immediately. Faster printer turn around yields significant production improvements.

Instant Printing with Advanced Slicing Software

The PartPro 350 xBC’s BCPware has the capability to slice builds effectively with two modes of operation. Instant slicing and printing or pre slice mode.