A Variety of PPE is Your Best Bet to Staying Protected

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A Variety of PPE is Your Best Bet to Staying Protected

This past year has been a tremendous learning curve for all of us. We’ve learned how to correctly wear a mask, how to take our temperature correctly, and what we should do to keep the surfaces in our homes and businesses disinfected. The challenge of the pandemic has made it clear that a variety of PPE is your best bet for staying protected.

Face masks

A new name entered our vocabulary this year: “N95”. What exactly does it mean? According to 3M,  N95 is a disposable mask that is designed to help provide reliable respiratory protection of at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil-based particles. We also learned that unfortunately, not all masks are made alike, and some offer little or no protection at all if they’re actually counterfeit. One line of defense to stay protected is to wear a quality face mask from a reputable vendor like Vector Technology Systems. We carry a variety of masks, from N95 to fun party masks and disposable masks. Stock up and double up to stay better protected!

Face shields

Face shields have been advocated as an alternative face covering that can prevent spread. While it’s typically recommended to use a face mask, there are several reasons why people need to opt for a face shield instead (or use one in addition to just a mask):

  • People who are deaf or hard of hearing have difficulty understanding others in face masks as they can’t read lips.
  • Those with breathing difficulties find face shields easier to breathe with than face masks.
  • Face shields protect the entire face, including the eyes, which along with the nose and mouth can be a gateway for the coronavirus and other germs to enter the body.

Having both face masks and a face shield is a smart way to up your protection.


Yes, these are considered PPE! Why? Because temperature is one indicator of health, and have an easy-to-use, accurate thermometer such as a touchless thermometer can help you monitor your health. A touchless thermometer also provides the additional benefit of monitoring others, such as a household or workplace.

Ear savers

Who knew these would be so fantastic?  The challenge of wearing a mask for a long period of time is how it can put a strain on your ear. For essential workers, having ear savers have been a lifesaver! If you’re feeling discomfort from wearing a mask, you definitely need to look into these.

Electrostatic sprayer

With limited ability to go out and shop, packages being delivered to homes has become very commonplace. An electrostatic sprayer can help keep you protected by disinfecting packages that arrive at your home or business. They can also effectively disinfect surfaces in your home or business. If you deal with packages often, look into an electrostatic sprayer to keep you protected.

A variety of PPE is your best bet to staying protected. If you’re looking for PPE options, reach out to Vector Technology Systems to help. We offer bulk pricing on several products and have competitive rates. Stay healthy and protected!