About Us

Vector is the only Company in the Country that will offer clients the right to own Fractionalized Ownership Interests in 3D printers. It provides a businesses an economic path to true ownership interest, and we take care of all of the back end maintenance, support and actual printing.

Vector Technology Systems

Vector Technology Systems (VTS) provides an array of 3D technology and other additive manufacturing solutions. VTS specializes in delivering precision 3D solutions in the form of 3D printing, design, scanning, augmented & virtual reality. We work with clients nationwide representing diverse industries including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, architecture, and engineering. VTS has dramatically expanded the menu of services and products available to our customers.
Our vision for the company is quite simple: VTS utilizes emerging technologies to innovate a pathway from your dreams to your reality.

As the only company of its kind in Arizona, and one of a handful in the country, we welcome you to the future!

It is at Vector’s Technology Center  in AZ, that we innovate and develop the cutting edge products and services we make available to our clients.

Our goal is to understand our customers’ needs and objectives in order to provide the best, most cost-effective solutions to your challenges.


Fractionalized Ownership Interest

We are the ONLY company in the country that is offering fractionalized ownership interests (FOI). With our FOI program you are an ACTUAL OWNER, and we assume ALL responsibilities and headaches associated with printing, maintenance and support at no additional cost to you.

3D Scanning Services

In house Scanning services

Our ability to input hi-level scans of the product quickly with great depth and accuracy

Need a lot of scanning but can’t afford a hi quality scanner. We offer blocks of pre-purchased discounted time scanning blocks. Where we can come out to you with our expertise and scan the item, digitally prepare the item and send it to you.

Printing Services

Metal or Plastic? PLA or ABS? Not sure which one?

Our expert staff will work alongside with you and guide you to your best needs fulfillment.

Our 3D printing services and products allow for:

  • reducing cost
  • rapid prototyping
  • improving efficiencies
  • getting to market faster
3D Printer Technicians

We are also an Authorized Repair/Training Facility for all the lines we represent.

  • 3DSystems
Design Services

Have an idea you sketched out on a napkin and not sure how to develop it? 

Have a production line and need a new part to test out? We can help you modify an existing part of create a new one.

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Molding Services
Vector Buy Back Program

When you are ready to acquire a new printer, we will buy back your existing one at very attractive, predetermined prices.


Some of our Past Clients