Vector Technology Systems review summary

Recommendedon Facebook,Jul 22, 2020


I came to VTS because I needed masks, an electrostatic cleaner and other PPE that I was not able to locate anywhere. I found everything I Needed at VTS. The quality was excellent, prices reasonable and the Service was excellent. I would highly recommend them for any PPE needs You have.

Recommendedon Facebook,Jul 20, 2020


The service was quick and items easily procured.

5on Google,Jul 16, 2020


Their high-demand items were of legitimate quality, exactly as described, and arrived in a timely manner. I could not ask for more and would order again in a heartbeat.

5on Google,Jul 16, 2020


The order was delivered on time and exactly what I needed.

5on Google,Jul 14, 2020


Masks arrived timely, and exactly as described.

Recommendedon Facebook,Jun 30, 2020


I contacted them about buying some face masks for myself and my 19 year old daughter, who has cancer. I was looking to buy 4 masks and their website said they sell them in 20 packs. So I messaged them asking if I could just buy 4 masks. They were kind enough to send me 4 KN95 masks free of charge, even though that is not what I was asking of them. I received them the next day. They were very pleasant and showed concern for my daughter and our family. Thank you so much!

Recommendedon Facebook,Jun 26, 2020


Fast service and good product. Was very pleased with my purchase.

5on Google,Jun 25, 2020


The product arrived the very next day and was just as described. I am very pleased with this transaction.

5on Google,Jun 09, 2020


I am totally impressed with Vector Technology Systems.  Their technology and follow up service are excellent.  They provide high quality PPE quickly and at very good prices.  They have the capability to 3d print PPE and other items.  Their capabilities and service are overwhelmingly good.  I recommend Vector to anyone who wants PPE or 3d printing service.

5on Google,May 30, 2020


A while ago, my cousin ordered some PPE, mainly a number of face mask. Before ordering from Vector, she ordered from another online store.  She literally paid over 3x as much for the same order.  After three week, she still had not received her order.  She cancelled it. We then found Vector.  We were really interested in it because they manufacture some of items.  So, she took a shot and ordered from Vector.  We were a little concerned because their prices were actually lower than anyone else’s.  We received the order within days and have been totally satisfied.  There is a 100% chance that our future orders for PPE and maybe some 3d printed items will be from Vector.  We will refer them to all of our friends.  We will refer the other place to all of our enemies.   Thank you very much for your help.

5on Google,May 23, 2020


I am totally impressed with this place. I am a hosptial administrator. I am not allowed to state where. Working with another company, Vector Technolgy Systems, manufactured 3D printed masks to be used by our hospital. I gather that they have a signficant 3d printing and scanning facility. We needed certain very specific things, including a specific type of seal made of acceptable material. Vector producted precisely what we wanted. We will be receiving additional ones soon. I am advised that they make and source other PPE as well as many other items. I was told that they 3d print ear savers to spare ones ears while wearing a mask. For a clinican who wears a mask all day, those can be a lefe saver. We will probably be ordering many of those soon.

5on Google,May 16, 2020


This is a really good company. Before going to this company, I bought fro another compnay. I paid a lot, then I waited for around 3 weeks to get delivry, and they were no good. Someone told me about Vector, so I ordered from them. I got really quick delivery. No issues. and the quality was excellent. I will continue to use this company.

5on Google,May 15, 2020


The company for which I work was desperate for PPE. We serached sources on the internet. Everyone wanted to rip us off. Each of these companies said that they would take more than a month to deliver.. We were then referred to Vectory Technology Systems. They offered to provide us with a great deal of equipment. They further assured us that they could deliver reasonably quickly. We were not sure, but we took a chance. We bought from us. Vector delivered excellent project and was significantly ahead of schedule. Vector has absolutely proveen itself, and they are now first on our list to supply our needs. We are also looking at purchainsing some of their 3d prtinted masks. I recomend them without hesitation.