Vector Gives Back Program

Vector Gives Back Collage

Vector Technology Systems has started the Vector Gives Back program so that it can provide much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE) to people who cannot afford full price, as well as to people who cannot afford to pay anything.

With Vector Gives Back, for every $30 of receipts generated by Vector through its PPE sales, it sets aside, at least, one dollar to assist these people in need.

The team at Vector Technology Systems, LLC (VTS), work tirelessly to fulfill the promise of excellence for our customers:  both for the healthcare product side of our business and the 3D printing side.

We further take pride in being able to give back to people and animals in need.  We also support organizations dealing with climate change, political issues and other important issues of our times.

Over the past two months, VTS has given back in excess of $260,000 in cash and in kind supplies.

The following provides a partial list of what we have been able to accomplish to date:

Operation Smile: Operation Smile is an organization through which doctors volunteer their time and talent to repair cleft palates for children in many countries around the world. A monetary donation of $52,000. VTS is also donating N95 masks, surgical gowns, face shields and surgical masks to Operation Smile.  VTS is in the process of donating enough surgical masks to cover the entire worldwide need of Operation Smile.  The total number of these masks being donated approximates 192,000.

Friends for Life Animals Shelter, The Cat’s Meow Animal Shelter, and the Humane Society:  VTS donated N95 masks for their staff and doctors and has also contributed money for operations.

St. Mary’s Food Bank:  VTS is donating the monetary sum necessary to provide 200,000 meals for St. Mary’s clients.  VTS is also donating N95 masks for protection of St. Mary’s staff.

Phoenix Rescue Mission: VTS is donating the monetary sum necessary to provide 48,841 meals for Phoenix Rescue Mission’s clients and is has also donated N95 masks to protect their workers and volunteers.

Feed the Children – VTS is donating the monetary sum necessary to provide 24,407 meals for the clients of Feed the Children.  It has also donated N95 masks to protect their workers and volunteers.

Black Voters Matter – VTS has donated 5,000 surgical masks to protect Black Voters Matter’s staff.

Mesa Fire Department – VTS donated N95 masks to protect the fire department personnel.  It will be donating substantially more.

Chandler Fire Department & Police Department:  VTS has donated several thousand N95 masks to the Fire Department and Police Department to protect their personnel.

Hopi & Navajo Nation:  VTS has donated a significant number of N95 and KN95 masks to the Hopi and Navajo Nations.

Covenant House: Covenant House counsels, houses and supports homeless and run-away teenagers.  VTS donated surgical masks and N95 masks to Covenant House to protect their staff and clients.

We at VTS have just begun our VTS Gives Back Program and expect to partner with many more efforts, organizations and causes by making monetary and in kind donations.  We will continue to allocate a significant portion of our income to help fight hunger, racism, prejudices of all kinds.   We will continue to help abused animals and assist children in need worldwide.  We feel extremely fortunate and honored to be able to assist others as we work to make our company a success.