Vector Gives Back Program


At the beginning of the pandemic, VTS committed to giving back a percentage of proceeds to the local community and the community at large. We felt strongly this was the right thing to do. For example, we cannot watch people, many of whom are young children, go hungry and do nothing about it. So, we made a commitment and did something about it. Below are some of the things that Vector has done since the pandemic started:


Operation Smile

– $86k donation, Surgical Masks and other PPE needs provided

“At Vector, we have come to view business differently than most other companies. In my experience, most people look at a business from the perspective of how much money they can make on a deal or by selling the company to capitalize on its value. Rarely does their thought process go to the other side of the equation, for example, how to structure something that is beneficial to the others involved in making the business a success. Our view is that a good business transaction must address and solve a need or problem of those others, and to do this, one has to momentarily set aside thoughts of maximizing profit.”

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St. Mary’s Food Bank

– 260,000 meals provided


Phoenix Rescue Mission

– 66,000 meals provided 

– Assisted homing efforts for 163 individuals

Other Donations:  


Chandler Police 

– PPE Donations 

Navajo Nation

– PPE Donations 

Various Senior Living Facility Donations 


The Story of Mr. Stubbs and his Tail

Michael is our head Engineer and has been involved in additive manufacturing for about eight years now. One project that he is particularly proud about is the design and manufacturing of a prosthesis for an Alligator named Mr. Stubbs. He worked closely with our client, Midwestern University/MWU in the development of this tail. It was included in the PowerPoint presentation, here is a link to the video

Link to the Video

Mr. Stubbs is now in the process of outgrowing his tail, which has been working incredibly well for him, and allowed him to function normally. We are Midwestern University has remained a great and satisfied client throughout the years. Over the next couple of months, we will begin working with MWU we will be designing and building Mr. Stubbs’ larger tail. The first tail was constructed in several pieces, with your typical systems found in the industry. We have recently acquired exceptionally large SLA printers which will allow us to print the tail in one singular piece. (As a customer of VTS you have access to these SLA printers and other equipment at significant discounts pursuant to VTS’ customer loyalty program)
stubbs 2


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