Fractionalized Ownership Interest

| What Makes this Program Valuable

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no 3D printer maintenance

3D printing industry is always changing. But we always stay at the cutting edge and maintain the best printers. So no more need to hire extra staff for calibration and repairs.



no queue to wait on

The printer is considered yours and can be used at anytime. Also reliability of the printer means no waiting for repairs and materials is always at hand. 


At ready design services

Our expert staff is here to help when you need it. We can solve the complex problems you face

| The Details of How This Works


High-quality 3-D printers commonly used in commercial settings cost between $25,000 and $250,000.

3-D Printers require a high level of expertise and are very costly to operate, service, and manage.

Few companies utilize these expensive investments to their full potential or have the staff to support them.

The Typical Approaches:

Until now, because no other concept existed, many companies have been forced to make large investments in 3-D printers and the support staff. Most of the time, printers are forgotten or under-utilized, due to the heavy learning curve that comes with first-time 3-D printer ownership.

Another solution companies currently turn to is to outsource their 3-D printing needs. However with this approach, quality tends to be inconsistent, and extensive lead times are common. Thus preventing it from being a cost-effective solution.


The Solution:

Vector Technology Systems(VTS) has devised the solution to these issues.  You can directly own an interest in a 3-D printer, and we take over all maintenance, support, and printing responsibilities.  For small and mid-sized companies the cost savings can be huge when compared to outsourcing or purchasing a 3-D printer.

The FOI program provides true ownership, without the cost and headache associated with overseeing production, and without the huge up-front capital outlays.

Here is how Fractionalized Ownership Interests (FOI) works:

  • Our customers pay a fixed sum, most of which can be financed, to purchase a specified ownership percentage in a 3-D printer. If financed, there are no personal guarantees required.  The only security supporting the financing are the Fractionalized Ownership shares themselves.
  • This package includes all required operational and other required support. There are no maintenance issues because VTS takes care of those at no additional cost.
  • VTS FOI also provides a premier design service. Specifically, FOI holders who desire design services, receive various VIP benefits, including priority service, significant up-front credit for design service and substantial discounts on an ongoing basis. In other words, FOI holders receive quick and inexpensive design work.
  • The FOI holders do not wait in a queue to have their prints done. Rather, they are treated like owners because they are owners.
  • Upon conclusion of the Term of the Fractionalized Ownership Interest Agreement, the 3-D Printer is then sold in a fashion to achieve fair market value. Fractionalized Owners share in that resale amount in accordance with their percentages.  VTS receives no fees or other compensation whatsoever for assisting with the resale process.
  • If during the Term of the arrangement, a Fractionalized Owner develops a need to outright purchase a 3-D printer, then VTS FOI provides the FOI holder to transition out of its FOI and into full ownership of a printer under very favorable terms. If at the end of the Term, a Fractionalized Owner desires to acquire another Fractionalized Ownership Interest, then that is also provided for at a significant discount.
  • We wish all of our clients nothing but success; however, if a Fractionalized Owner experiences financial setbacks, then we have provided for that party to sell its ownership under very fair terms.
  • The 3-D Printer is owned by a dedicated, special purpose corporation, where that company’s single asset is the 3-D Printer. This structure isolates the asset (3-D Printer) in an entity that has no other obligations or liabilities associated with it.  In other words, each Fractionalized Owner is fully protected.

So, what happens if an FOI owner requires a more elaborate print job than usual?  We have built that solution into our program:  Our FOI owners have access to upgraded machines and alternative materials.

The commitment is only to buy that percentage interest which will likely be used.  So, if an FOI owner needs a printer around 15% of the time, then that party will be allowed to acquire a 15% fractionalized interest.

Our FOI program is not right for everyone.  However, it is right for a large number of companies, and for those companies, they will see that they will be able to obtain the highest quality work with no wait times and significant savings.

The Track Records of Fractionalized Ownership Interest Programs:

Vector Technology Systems is the first to do this in the additive manufacturing space.  However, fractionalized ownership interests are well tested and have proven highly beneficial to fractionalized owners.  A well-known example in another industry is NetJets, which offers fractionalized ownership interests in airplanes.  While the asset is different, the underlying issues and structure are similar.  NetJets’ clients, who either don’t want to or cannot afford the cost of owning a 100% interest in a jet, can purchase an FOI. In the same fashion as Vector’s clients, the NetJets’ clients are also relieved of management, service, and operational burdens.  This concept works.  NetJets operates as a successful subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, a holding company controlled by Warren Buffett.


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