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3D Scanning Services

We provide in-house Scanning services. Our ability to input high-level scans of the product quickly with great depth and accuracy.

Need a lot of scanning but can’t afford a hi-quality scanner? We offer blocks of pre-purchased discounted time scanning blocks. Where we can come out to you with our expertise and scan the item, digitally prepare the item and send it to you.

What Scanning Has Done for Us

Scanning of Bird Bones for Conservation

Scanning has such vast capabilities. One such use is in bird skeleton reconstruction. Bird bones are at times very fragile. The 3d scanned pieces were processed in house and printed using our resin printer. the resulting finished model is assembled together to show the complete bird in a natural pose. 3D printing this model gives it the benefit of being very durable and not prone to the degradation of the organic bone. Making this bird specimen will be exhibit for many generations.

Ancient Native American Pottery Scanned for Pueblo Grande Museum.

Pueblo Grande Museum has a growing collection of ancient and weathered artifacts that it must store and regularly maintain to prevent degradation. ASU had a travelling exhibit in partnership with PGM and were very concerned about possible damage caused by the transportation of the artifacts. We assisted in archiving artifacts by 3D scanning and producing 1:1 scale replicas that were used for a traveling exhibit.

Nutcracker 3D Scanned Model

This replica model of a nutcracker was made for a client. The figure was further processed to touch up the color and add texturing to it. The end result is a very realistic images of the model as though it was actually made of wood and painted over. The scanners on hand are variable in resolution and a technician is available to suggest the best scanner to use for your project to get the best results.

Scanning is Very Complex. We Encourage any Questions to be Asked.

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