3D Printers

Becoming even more relevant in increasing industries, 3D Printers have been on the rise for several decades now. Tracing its roots, 3D printing systems were initially developed for the one-off manufacturing and prototyping industries. But today, it has provided more innovative applications rather than replicating or providing samples of specific models and prototypes. This quick prototype creation process has enabled rapid design changes, easy inventory management, and reduces warehouse space that can ultimately save companies large amounts of time, effort, and spending. 3D printing is economically and ecologically smart as well due to its avoidance of subtractive processes which wastes more raw materials as they’re being cut to produce the item.

Because of their practicality, people have started adding 3D Printers as a basic need in their homes. And why not? 3D Printers offer so many advantages not just in the manufacturing industry, but in the educational and residential applications as well.

The VTS Buyback Program

VTS knows that companies are always seeking for greater innovation whether it’s with the systems and software they use or the processes they implement. Because of this, our company has launched a way to enhance our 3D Printer customers through our unique buyback program. Our Buyback Program allows our 3D Printer customers to upgrade to more modern VTS 3D printing systems. To do this, customers must have used the printer for at least 25 months. After that, VTS will purchase the printer back and allow them to purchase a new printer or any other device or equipment offered by our company.

VTS Performance Assurance Program

At VTS, we understand that every piece of technology, no matter how simple or complicated, has their own downtime moments. While our products are highly reliable, they are no stranger to the occasional issue. To help remedy this, our company is offering a Performance Assurance Program that provides a way for our 3D Printer customers who are experiencing downtime with their VTS printer to be able to carry on with their printing process through our in-house printing services. This way, projects can still resume and prototypes can still be printed while our customers’ purchased unit is undergoing repair. So not only does our performance assurance program promise customers with reliability, but it also allows them to go through downtime without the extra expense and effort of looking for a temporary printer.

Surge Support Program

While having one or a few more stable and quick-performing 3D Printer units can be very reliable in making sure your printing tasks are on schedule, there are some occasions when downtime or time constraints will pressure you into trying to print more with the unit/s that you currently have. While our 3D Printer units are designed and engineered to handle heavy work demands, it’s also handy to have extra support from a company that cares for your project’s deadlines. VTS proudly offers our customers our Surge Support Program which can help with using our on-site printers for time-sensitive projects that need a few extra printers to accomplish.

VTS Preventative Maintenance Plan

It’s not enough that you have a working knowledge of how to use and reboot our 3D Printers. While downtimes are not as common with our units, we understand that there are times when our customers will experience them and won’t be able to solve it with a simple reboot. This is why we’re offering a Preventative Maintenance Plan that solves all our customers’ worries when it comes to complicated fixes that they can’t handle on their own. With a reasonable fee, our highly professional team of experts can provide ongoing technical assistance and preventative maintenance that can improve your printer’s uptime. With this trustworthy service, you’ll never have to worry about finding someone close to resolve your VTS 3D Printer issues at all!