Welcome to the VTS Affiliate Program

Vector Technology Systems (VTS) is a company that offers premium quality 3D solutions, specializing in 3D design, scanning, printing, and augmented and virtual reality. Through our 3D solutions, we are able to assist and help professionals in the engineering, manufacturing, architecture, automotive, healthcare, and aerospace industries. For these industries, we lend our dependable services and top quality product selection which includes 3D printing (metal, plastic, PLA, ABS, and etc.), 3D scanning, 3D design creation and modification, repair and training for XYZ Printing Systems and 3DSystems.

How Do I Become a VTS Affiliate?

Become part of an exciting affiliate program that promises competitive commissions and more!

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Help us get the word out there! Advertise our brand’s products and services and we’ll reward you with a commission for every sale your website’s leads make!

Make Money

Get up to 8% in commissions for every sale you help VTS make through your referral links.


Our Affiliate Program

VTS’ Affiliate Program aims to provide people with exciting opportunities to earn money anywhere around the globe. By advertising our brand, products, and services through links or ads, you’ll be able to help our brand branch out and reach more potential customers.

In return, we’ll provide affiliate commissions for every sale made from customers who have clicked on the ads or links on your website. These affiliate ads and links can become very beneficial to your home business financially. Without spending a single penny, all you need to do is promote our brand and make money. It’s as easy as that!

Affiliate VTS

Why Become a VTS Affiliate?

With VTS’ Affiliate Program, you can be your own boss and earn at the comfort of your own home! Our company is looking for individuals, bloggers, digital marketers, and website owners who are motivated and driven to expand VTS’ reach through their elaborate networks.

Our commission-based system offers competitive earnings at different rates depending on the number of sales your referrals bring in. Once you sign up to become a VTS affiliate, you’ll be given a vast range of banners and text links that you can display on your blog or your website.

All you need to do is to place them strategically where the most clicks can occur. Once the banners and links are live and your site’s visitor clicks on them, the embedded link will take your visitor to specific pages on our website. You don’t have to worry about tracking every person who clicks on your links. Our affiliate program will automatically trace their activities from clicking to checkouts. Once users who have come from your website completes a purchase on ours, you’ll earn a commission which you can check by logging into our affiliate platform. Our platform will display everything you need to know from your links’ performance, the amount of traffic they’ve generated, the sales your links managed to create, and most importantly, your current commission balance based on the leads your links have generated.

What’s in it for YOU?

Becoming an affiliate of VTS’ Affiliate Program has many perks and benefits. There’s so much in store for every newbie or seasoned affiliate marketer who’s interested in our 3D design and printing niche. But what else can you enjoy for being on our program?

Earn Commission on ALL Sales

Our program allows for up to 8% commission on printer sales and from 8%-12% on PPE sales. At the moment, we offer the following commission rates:

$0 – $500: 8%
$500 – $2000: 10%
$3000 + in sales: 12%

Competitive Products and Services

Our affiliate program lets you advertise 3D solutions, products, and services that are perfect for marketing a premium brand through extensive channels such as your website, newsletters, webinars, and other marketing materials.

No expertise needed

You don’t need to have a vast knowledge of the 3D design industry to become an affiliate of VTS. If our company suits your website or blog’s field, we will be very happy to include you in our list of trustworthy affiliates.

Manage your own time and investment

Our affiliate program lets you decide how much time and effort you want to invest in marketing our brand, therefore, it lets you become your own boss when it comes to passive earnings. You won’t need to handle anything that has to do with customer service as our team will handle all of it.

Constant attractive promotions that drive traffic

Worried your banners might be getting old? There’s no need to worry! You won’t need to email or call us for any new promotions or an update on marketing materials as we will provide regular support on any updates on ads and promotions to make sure you keep earning, making your earning limitless in the process.

Marketing materials will be provided

You don’t have to whip out Adobe Photoshop or hire a graphic designer to make the marketing materials to promote our brand. We provide links to everything you will need to help you market our brand the best.


Questions About The Affiliate Program?

We’re open to any questions about our affiliate program. Any questions that you may have from creating your account to tracking your affiliate earnings, we would like to hear them and help you set up ads, reach a larger audience, and allow you to monetize your hard-earned efforts, generating a passive income that you can truly rely on.

Are you ready to earn passively even while you sleep? Sign up for our Affiliate Program and discover more ways to earn without going past your doorstep!