Illustrating In a fast pace world

Your Product Explained

Explaining the benefits of your product can be difficult. In this world of low attention span it needs to be quick and eye catching. This is where a video can come in handy. In a few seconds the value of your product can be shown. No more need for boring long winded written explanations for your product. These videos can be perfectly suited for trade show and social media. To be able to demonstrate your product endlessly is what animation does.

Your Custom Videos: How are They Made

1 | Writing a Script for the Video

Getting a general outline is the beginning of the video. Outlining what is important and what concepts to highlight. Listing in steps how the video will flow from scene to scene. For the software we use your imagination can run wild. But narrowing this down is where the script come in.

2 | Making of a Story Board

The flow of the video is done in the story board. This will include how the camera moves and what it focuses on. The environment of the video is established such as home setting, city scape, infinite white, or photobooth setting. For the product this is all about motion. You can show the product being assembled, show its moving parts, and its function.

3 | Make the Model and Animate It

The longest process is making the 3D models and setting. Getting the timing down for motions of the product and camera. This is the craftmanship stage. Using the storyboard and script the video is made according to that. First preview is made with just the 3d Models no texturing or lighting. After this the detailed scenery and texturing is applied to the model the video looks more like what it will be.

4 | Adjust the Video to Get It Right

Some adjustments may want to be made. This is where it will happen.
    • Changing materials (ie. Color, Surface finish)
    • Timing and length
    • Lighting issues
    • Model alterations
    • Camera focus
    • Post production
    • Captions

5 | Rendering Out the High Quality Video

The finished video is done at 1080p quality. The individual frames are rendered out. The video is exported in MP4 and WMV format. Completely ready for you to post where you like.

Animation is very intricate. Don’t hesitate to ask questions

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