Benefits Of Ear Savers

Ear Saver

Benefits Of Ear Savers

For those who have to wear masks throughout the whole day, do your ears feel in pain and uncomfortable? Even for those who wear them for a short while, you can tell that some masks are too tight or uncomfortable. Allow me to introduce you to your savior, the ear saver! Learn more about the benefits of ear savers.

Ear savers are personally one of my favorite items for 2020. With the rising cases of COVID-19, it’s a no-brainer that wearing a mask will help reduce the spread. While having to wear one of the masks throughout the workday, I can feel the tensing, squeezing sensation that goes onto my ear. I found a product that helps reduce the pain by one hundred percent: the ear savers.

How the ear saver works, is that the elastic string that pulls behind your ears is clamped with the ear saver on one end and onto the other. Instead of the elastic strings that are behind your neck, the ear saver connects them both behind your head using their clamps.

The best part about these ear savers is that relatively low cost to manufacture through the power of 3D printing. We have created hundreds of these ear savers here at Vector Technology Systems and they are available in our shop. If you want a different color ear saver, please let us know and we’ll make it for you. Stay safe out there and thank you to our front-line workers.