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Honoring America’s Independence By Using Our 3D Modeling Skills

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Explaining Your Products Through Animation. Splashmate and Its Difficulties of Presentation and Explaining Product Use

Learn how we used all our skills in making our client product to reality.

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The Utilization of 3D Scanning Technologies for Manufacturing and Improving Workflows

A look into the rising industry of 3D modeling with scanning gaining more influence in todays technology.

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News from the Summer and our Fall Sale on 3D Printers!

Hello from Vector Technology Systems,


We have had a busy summer here in Phoenix, Arizona and as we enter the holiday season we have several new announcements we would like to share with our amazing customers!


At Vector Technology Systems we are always striving to become better and for the past few months we have been going through a restructuring process, to further explore how we can adapt to an ever changing market. We may have been more difficult than usual to identify during this period but, rest assured, VTS has officially re-launched its social media presence. We now have a full social media presence and invite you to follow us on your favorite social media platforms, where we will resume regular posts of our sales and deals and new services going forward.  

Speaking of sales posts! We wanted to celebrate this launch with one of our best sales yet, and are currently sharing details on social media right now. Follow us on facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, or Twitter and email a screenshot of your follow to for a special discount on any of our select sales items valid only this next week (Nov 6-13, 2021). Our current sales line up includes our complete line of XYZ printers, from our desktop models like the Partpro100 xP to our industrial scale, SLS printers such as the MfgPro 236 xS. And what use is a 3D printer without tons of materials to go with it? We have you covered with a wide array of materials available for sale, with a printer or al-la-carte. A complete list of our available material is available in the materials page.

Our current sale offers fantastic prices and will resume through November as an extended Black Friday sale, but paired with the special promo with our social media our prices become unbeatable so take advantage of this unique opportunity today! 

We thank our current design customers for being so patient with us as we have been going through this transition.

Lastly, we are still setting up our new facility, as we have recently moved from Gilbert, to the East Phoenix Tempe area! Our new location will be much closer to the city center so we can better service our clients across the valley, though we have a lot of equipment to move and we are a small team so are working our hardest to re-open our doors as soon as possible. Keep your ear to the ground for an up-coming “Open doors” event we will have as soon as our new facility is ready.  


We thank you for being part of the Vector Technology Systems family and look forward to continued business in the future,


Vector Technology Systems LLC