CT Scanning

CT Scanning


CT Scan (Computed Tomography) uses X-rays to take many cross-sectional images of an object and combines those images with computer reconstruction to make a 3d model of it. A technology commonly used in medical field to get internal views of the body. This technology is adopted into engineering and design development as it gives insights that traditional methods cannot do. Making innovative technology needs different perspectives and these scanners can quite literally let innovators see around corners.


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Capabilities of Our Machines

Our in-house CT scanner can make 3d model from inside out. Get the internals and thicknesses that traditional scanners cannot reach. Reverse engineering and dimension checking is much easier to do with this form of scanning.

The finished scannings can be exported as usable CAD files that can be used to make modifications or recreating lost parts

    Benefits of this over other forms of optical scanning

One big advantage, with using x-rays, is that it can see the internal volumes of parts. Used in inspections of finished metal to plastic parts it can check the fabrications process was done right. This would be a great way to check failing parts and can  confirm where the failure is likely to happen. CT scanning brings incredible insight to designing parts.


Things to know about CT scanning

Doing CT scanning is safe with our machines. It is quick and does not damage the object being scanned.

Some of the largest companies in the world use CT scanners to gain understanding of their previous designs which allows them to make the best future products possible. Because it uses X-rays it can give dimensional checks in areas that traditional measuring methods cannot do. Because the powerful software gives users many tools to examine the scanned parts.

How it used in designing your projects

Being able to see the inside of your assemblies is so insightful. Having it fully put together can pinpoint where collisions, misalignment, or wrongs dimensions can be hidden if it were not assembled. Sometimes products are sealed watertight with adhesives or weldings rendering it impossible to take apart. CT scanning gives the ability to look inside without resorting to cutting it open with power tools. As seen in many time with shoe designing. This can also find cracking or warping in the shell casing such as when screws are overtightened. Since these scans are so quick and accurate, they can give valuable information to designers fast.

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