Design and Engineering

Concept Development

What stage are you at:
  • Sketches
  • Napkin design
  • Combining concepts
  • No design but need a solution
  • Trapped in Design Problem
  • Don’t have the time to Develop

The beginning stages of an idea are filled with questions and uncertainty. Many of us have dozens of ideas but missing the process of developing it.

  • Is this a good product?
  • can a prototype be made?
  • Is this worth pursuing more?

Questions like this we can answer. Whether a lone amateur inventor or an experienced entrepreneur we take all kinds at any skill level. We bring understanding to your many concerns for you concept.


Team Design Consultation

Putting our heads together and working as one on your projects
  • Wide range of skills
  • Experience in many fields
  • Wide fabrication skills
  • Materials experts
  • Large Assemblies
  • Off the Shelf Hardware selection

The challenges of building a product from scratch is quite daunting. Using the expertise of our staff we can give valuable input that will make the design process easier. Finding the problem in your design and solving them with our combined wisdom of designing. Choosing of additional off the shelf hardware is done with larger assemblies that will consider cost, performance, and supplier reliability. With our internal fabrication equipment, we can also do large scale production of many materials to get you to market quickly. We are ready for your design concerns.


Reverse Engineering

Reinventing what exists

  • Custom pieces for existing assemblies
  • Out of production parts
  • After market part alterations
  • Changing existing products

3D Models Ready for Fabrication

Drawings | STL | STEP | IGES | Solidworks | Full texture 3d models (OBJ)


Getting you what you need to get it made. Whatever the 3D format you need we can make it for you.


How the Process Works

  1. Get you protected with NDA
  2. Overview what you got and how developed you are
  3. Making the 3D model concept
  4. Alterations to the design
  5. Get you the 3D Files
  6. Fabrication

Have questions on designing

Feel free to contact us.

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