Electrostatic Sprayers May Be a Gamechanger In Keeping People Protected

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Electrostatic Sprayers May Be a Gamechanger In Keeping People Protected

Consumers and businesses alike have been eagerly looking for ways to stay protected from COVID-19. One of the biggest challenges has to do with the ability to sanitize large areas such as countertops, furniture, seating, and even packages. Electrostatic sprayers may be a gamechanger in keeping people protected in homes and in businesses.

What are electrostatic sprayers?

Electrostatic sprayers work by charging liquids such as cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants as they pass through a sprayer nozzle. This generates charged droplets that repel one another and actively seek out environmental surfaces, which they stick to and even wrap around to coat all sides. The result is a uniform coating of sanitizer or disinfectant on sprayed objects, including hard-to-reach areas that manual cleaning can miss. The technology also helps avoid liquid pooling often associated with trigger sprayers. The result is a more efficient disinfecting process with several advantages to the user.

Are electrostatic sprayers new?

Surprisingly, electrostatic sprayers have been around in one form or another since 1941. The electrostatic sprayer was first patented in 1941 by American inventor Harold Ransburg. Then, it was designed to improve industrial painting of metal surfaces. By the 1980s, the technology was used in agriculture for distributing pesticides on crops. These sprayers have only become a disinfecting force for commercial cleaning in the past few years, thanks to breakthroughs adapting the technology.

Are electrostatic sprayers only for commercial use?

Up until the pandemic, electrostatic sprayers were predominantly known, and used, as disinfecting tools for commercial use such as airplanes, hospitals, etc. With everyone’s heightened awareness about the need for clean surfaces, electrostatic sprayers have now entered the consumer market as well. Unfortunately, up until companies such as Vector Technology Systems started offering an affordable electrostatic sprayer, adoption for consumer use was fairly low.  There were several reasons for this. First, as mentioned previously, sprayers were quite cost-prohibitive, far out of the reach of consumers looking to sanitize countertops, furniture, or packages. Second, typical sprayers tend to be large and cumbersome, again discouraging a typical consumer from endeavoring to use one in their home. The disinfectant was also a drawback, as several sanitation products were priced for the commercial market.

Affordable and effective electrostatic cleaners are now available to consumers and businesses alike

Vector Technology Systems has worked hard to break through these challenges to consumers and now offer an affordable, effective electrostatic sprayer for consumers. One option is the Electrostatic Sprayer EV180. Weighing only 65oz, this machine is effective and affordable to consumers and businesses alike. For those looking for a more substantial machine, the Electrostatic Sprayer EV360 offers a larger capacity, and has both a backpack and knapsack option for flexible usage.

Why invest in a Vector electrostatic cleaner?

With Vector’s Electrostatic Cleaners, hard to reach and odd-shaped surfaces are not a factor.  They get sprayed, and as such, sanitized, as do all other areas. Compared to conventional methods, it usually reduces by more than 50% the time it takes with conventional means. They vastly improve infection control and spread of viruses such as influenza, MRSA, HIV, most likely, COVID 19, and many others, applying chemicals in a far more efficient fashion, eliminating dangers and other problems associated with overuse. Using the Vector Electrostatic Cleaners represents the most comprehensive way to prevent germs and viruses from growing/attaching to surfaces. Want to learn more about Vector’s electrostatic cleaners? Visit our FAQ page or see our full collection of electrostatic cleaners on our website.

If you’re looking for an effective and affordable way to protect your home or business, learn more about Vector electrostatic sprayers and how they can help protect you.