Is a Fractionalized Interest Program Right for You?

fractionalized interest ownership

Is a Fractionalized Interest Program Right for You?

3D printers are in high demand by companies of all sizes, but the cost of purchasing a 3D printer that suits your needs can make the acquisition of the machine too expensive for many companies. One option is a fractionalized interest program. Learn why a fractionalized interest program may be the solution you want to get the 3D printer you need.

What is a fractionalized interest program?

A fractionalized interest program allows companies and individuals to own a percentage of a 3D printer, avoiding the challenges of trying to purchase an often cost-prohibitive 3D printer outright. Fractionalized owner interests, also known as FOI, start at 10% ownership, going up in 5% increments, which corresponds to % of time on the machine. Printer’s total print time is calculated on an annual basis based off calculated machine uptime, taking into account weekends and holidays. An FOI package comes with a specified number of design hours and provides discounted design costs for any additional design work.

Why choose a fractionalized interest program?

There are several reasons why companies may opt for a fractionalized interest program, including:

  • The prohibitive costs of buying a 3D printer outright
  • The high level of expertise to operate and maintain a 3D printer
  • Lack of staff to support a 3D printer
  • The ability to have access to a 3D printer without the responsibility of full ownership

By having the opportunity to own a portion of a 3D printer, companies can enjoy the benefits of a 3D printer without all the responsibilities.

How does Vector Technology Systems’ FOI work?

VTS makes it simple for companies large and small to participate in fractionalized ownership. Here’s how it works: pay a fixed sum, most of which can be financed, to purchase a specified ownership percentage in a 3-D printer. If financed, there are no personal guarantees required.  The only security supporting the financing is the Fractionalized Ownership shares themselves. The package includes required operational and other required support. There is no maintenance to the customer. FOI also provides a premier design service. Specifically, FOI holders who desire design services receive VIP benefits, including priority service, a significant up-front credit for design service, and substantial discounts on an ongoing basis. The FOI holders do not wait in a queue to have their prints done. Rather, they are treated like owners because they are owners.

What happens if a company desires to own a 3D printer outright?

If you find yourself busy enough that you need to transition to full ownership, VTS FOI provides the FOI holder to transition out of its FOI and into full ownership of a printer under very favorable terms. In addition, if a Fractionalized Owner desires to acquire another Fractionalized Ownership Interest at the end of the term, then that is also provided for at a significant discount.

What 3D printers are currently available for fractionalized ownership?

Vector Technology Systems offers the following models for FOI:

  • PartPro 120xP
  • PartPro 150xP
  • PartPro 300 xT
  • ProJet 660Pro
  • ProJet MJP 2500
  • MfgPro 230xS
  • Mark X7
  • Mark Two

Descriptions of these printers can be found on our 3D Printers page.

Vector Technology Systems is the first to do this in the additive manufacturing space.  However, fractionalized ownership interests are well tested and have proven highly beneficial to fractionalized owners. If your company is in need of a 3D printer and is seeking a more affordable way to have access to 3D printing machinery, a fractionalized interest program may be right for you. Cost-effective, low risk, and numerous benefits make FOI a smart choice for companies.