N95, KN95 Surgical Masks and More

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N95, KN95 Surgical Masks and More

Vector Technology Systems (VTS) is one of the very few companies that can provide significant quantities of N95 masks at very reasonable prices.  The N95 masks are very different from the typical masks that are advertised.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the agency that has set the standard.  The n95 filters out at least 95% of small particles, including bacteria and viruses.  The typical 3 ply mask or cloth mask will help protect others from the emission of saliva and other fluids. It might help protect against saliva hitting a person’s face.  However, these masks do not filter out the small particles.

KN95 masks, which are now quite popular, are designed to comply with the standards of the N95.  In essence, they are the Chinese version of the N95.  Theoretically, the KN95s provide the same protection as the N95.  The difference relates to the scrutiny and regulation.  The N95s must be affirmatively approved by the FDA.  The KN95s are simply registered with the FDA, with an obligation to comply to the same standards.

Historically, N95s were sold for two purposes:  medical and industrial use.  In March, the FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) concluding that most of the industrial N95s are substantially the same as the medical ones.  As such, it issued a finding stating that the industrial Nf95s are suitable for medical use.  Because of the worldwide shortage of these masks, VTS has decided not to offer the medical N95s.  These should be reserved only for hospital workers and other first responders.  We will not interfere with that process.  However, we have been able to source significant quantities of the industrial N95s (per the FDA, substantially similar to the medical versions.

During these tough times, these N95s are typically sold for prices around $12 each.  VTS offers these same masks for less than $3.  We have concluded that, during these difficult times, it is wrong to gouge. To the contrary, VTS is foregoing significant profit opportunity in order to make these masks available and affordable.  And, with the KN95s, VTS is offering them at prices that are substantially less than is otherwise available.

And one more thing:  Vector Gives Back.  As revenue is generated, we give significant amounts to those in need.  We want to hear from our customers as to programs or people which they think should be included in the Give Back Program.  We cannot promise that we will include any specific suggestion.  We can promise that we will seriously consider any suggestions.  We value and appreciate the opinions of our customers.