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Often you hear people say, “I want to hold onto this memory forever”, with our state of the art technology we are able to do just that.

Our photobooth captures a 360-degree image to create a high quality, durable figurine to mold your memories into a tangible reality.

The experience begins with a consultation with one of our top technicians to make sure your memorable moments can be molded into the perfect model. The technician then takes a 360-degree snapshot from 102 lenses to give a high quality, color definitive detailed image. As the 360 image loads our high-performance software fine tunes the details of the subject and puts it into production using our 3d printer. Within a short amount of time, you will have your high-definition model figurine. Now you can enjoy your memories forever!

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Photobooth Process

Here’s what to expect when getting a photobooth scan:
  • Upfront consultation
  • Review of your needs
  • In-person 360 degree imaging session (each scan takes less than a second to take)
  • Review of scan photography with technician
  • Timeline of detailed process provided
  • Final delivery

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