Modular Face Mask


  • Custom Built 3D-Printed Respirator for Coronavirus: As a timely approach to the pandemic, VTS’ modular face mask has been modified to filter out harmful particulates using an assortment of filters at the base of the mask.
  • Material of the mask is printed in a PA12 Nylon (Polyamide 12)
  • Comfortable Fit: Multiple Sizes Available with thickened lip for better fit to the face
  • Maximum Air and Particulate Filtration and Protection: With addition of an N95 Filter, this mask can sift particulates in the air.
  • Reusable and Perfect for Frequent Usage: Users will only need to change the N95 filters of this modular mask. After that, it can be reused several times after a series of disinfection procedures.
  • 10-49 = $23.99/ea
  • 50-99 = $22.99/ea
  • 100+ = Please Call

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Designed to Combat the Coronavirus 

With its maximum filtration design through the use of a modified mask and an N95 filter, VTS’ modular face mask is made primarily of top-grade materials. These materials were carefully planned, 3D printed, tested, assembled, and made available for public use, making sure to adhere to the guidelines, policies, and standards involved in the creation of enhanced respirators to aid in combating the coronavirus.

Universal Fit for Adult Use

This 3D printed modular face mask was created with measurements that are fit for adults. Adults of any gender can make use of this mask as it follows adult measurements no matter the gender.  To keep the mask intact for the user’s convenience, holes were drilled in select places of the plastic mask where they may loop tie strings into and can then strap it around their head in a position that is comfortable to them.

Lightweight with Premium Filtration 

This modular face mask was not only designed for adults, but for their convenience as well. Wearing masks for longer periods of time can create strains on the head that will later turn into headaches. With this face mask, adults get to wear an improved version of the regular sanitary masks that can’t filter 100% of the non-oil particles that they breathe in through it. The N95 filter included in this mask can efficiently filter out any dangerous particles in the air, especially those linked with viruses and infections. It was designed to be lightweight to decrease the pressure of having something strapped to the user’s head. This feature allows adults to wear it longer without difficulty in breathing or added stress.

Additional Information
Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 cm