Protective Gown Level 2 (Pack of 10)

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  • Practical Design: Dual ties at the back of the neck and waist ensures easy and less contact removal of the isolation gown
  • Breathable and Comfortable: Created with premium quality spun-bonded materials, our Level 2 surgical gowns provide a snug and comfortable fit for medical practitioners
  • Disposable: These gowns are for single-use only
  • Level 2 – 30/40gsm Polypropelene (PP) non-woven Fabric

*Coloration may vary

  • 10-49 = $7.50/ea
  • 50-99 = $6.50/ea
  • 100+ = Please Call

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Perfect for Ensuring Barrier Protection

Vector Technology Systems’ level 2 surgical gowns cater to medical practitioners who are exposed to procedures with moderate risks of exposure. It’s best used by practitioners during surgeries to provide a sterile barrier between them and the patient. These risks include transferring body fluids, microorganisms, particulate matter, and even viruses. Due to this matter of importance, surgical gowns are a must and are regulated and required by the FDA.

Maximizes Comfort and Safety

Not only do level 2 surgical gowns need to pass certain regulations that can brand them as safe and trustworthy, but they must also be able to provide comfort to the medical practitioner using them. Sizes must also be considered for surgical gowns. Level 2 surgical gowns for men and women must be able to fit both genders regardless of their sizes. VTS’ surgical gowns are guaranteed breathable (so they’re not too warm) and are made with the finest and lightest materials that resist fluid, viruses, and other infectious substances. They must also have elastic cuffs so that gloves can be easily worn with them for their hands’ protection. Dual ties at the back are also present to ensure that the fit is perfect and secure.