Safety Goggles


  • PC Frame
  • Certification with CE, ANSI Z87.1 and AUS
  • Injected Molded Frame
  • Anti-scratch, anti-impact, anti-fog and UV400
  • Flexible and adjustable
  • 10-49 = $7.49/ea
  • 50-99 = $5.99/ea
  • 100+ = Please Call

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Safe and Comfortable All-Around Use

Economical and adjustable for comfort, Vector Technology Systems’ EQ Safety Goggles are designed with the user in mind. Given the extra space around the front and sides, these safety goggles can easily be worn over regular Rx or prescription glasses, making it easy for users to see over them even with prolonged wear. Its expanded visual field with an anti-scratch material makes the user’s view adequate and clear, making it reusable and high-performing even with continuous use.

Maximized Protection

These safety goggles cater to every eye safety measures that the user needs to protect him/her from harsh elements such as dust, fumes, gases, debris, chemical splashes, medium impacts, or any type of hazardous materials that are inevitable to encounter in the workplace or at home. To maximize the clear view and prevent accidents, these goggles are permanently treated to prevent fogging. Vents on each side of the goggles act as provisions for airflow and decrease fog and moisture build-up.

ANSI Quality-Tested and Certified 

Designed for maximum eye protection in any type of workplace, facility, and venue, our E87 safety goggles have been tested and certified by the ANSI, confirming its accordance to ANSI Z87.1 and OSHA standard 1910.133 for eye and face protection.

Additional Information
Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 4 cm