Disposable Safety Face Shield


  • Comfortable Fit: Designed with lightweight yet sturdy materials, this face shield brings comfort even with prolonged use. Its double-sided anti-fog PET shield ensures clear vision and high visibility.
  • 25-99 = $3.99/ea
  • 100+ = $2.79/ea
  • 1000+ = $2.29/ea


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180 Degree Full Face Protection

Vector Technology Systems’ full face shield is designed to help users protect against all the elements from the transmission of viruses to the inhalation of dangerous particles, odors, and scents. Its adjustable APET band is lightweight, durable, and adjustable, creating the perfect fit for every adult. This feature also allows for the shield to adapt to a variety of face shapes and sizes, making it the perfect choice for every user needing extra face protection.

Overall Protection From Harsh Elements

Stop worrying about dust particles, droplets containing viruses, vapor, water, gas, chemicals, and other hazardous elements that can potentially harm you while wearing a simple mask on. With VTS’s full face shield, users can be assured that these elements won’t be able to stick to their masks or facial skin for long periods of time.

Premium Comfort By Design

Wearing full face shields can often become restricting and can cause chronic headaches. Because of this, VTS’ full face shields have been designed to eliminate all the pain-inducing aspects of the common face shield. Our face shields are designed simply and practically, with an adjustable band that eases the strain in the head area, making it a perfect fit for every adult. A generous amount of space has also been provided between the user’s face and the PC cover, lessening the chances of fogging or build-up of moisture.

Additional Information
Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 9 × 10 × 5 cm