PartPro350 xBC

High Productivity Color Part Platform

The PartPro350 xBC offers cutting edge printhead technology that delivers industry leading color part
productivity. With speeds up to 18mm per hour for a fully loaded build volume, the PartPro350 xBC is 150%
faster than other color binder technologies.

Additional Add-Ons:

  • Accessories:
    • EeezClean350 Depowdering Station – Item Code 3PPP0XUS00B
    • Installation and Training Service
  • Materials:
    • BuiltPro Powder V2 (10kg Box) – Item Code RBP0BXY1Z2E-
    • DurajetPro Binder V2 (2L Box) – Item Code RBP0CXY10EH
    • CynidePlus, Color Cartridges (2L Box) – Item Code RBP0CXY10CD
    • FlashYellow, Color Cartridges (2L Box) – Item Code RBP0CXY10AJ
    • IperMagenta, Color Cartridges (2L Box) – Item Code RBP0CXY10BB
    • Printhead Cleaning Cartridge – Item Code RBP0FXY1Z0D
    • PartPro 350 Print Head– Item Code RBP0EXY1Z0H

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Users will produce parts with the PartPro350 xBC when Colorization of in-depth models is needed. Read more about Binder Jetting (BJ) Technology


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