Explaining Your Products Through Animation. Splashmate and Its Difficulties of Presentation and Explaining Product Use

Explaining Your Products Through Animation. Splashmate and Its Difficulties of Presentation and Explaining Product Use

We also present the best aspects of products in visual and easy to understand ways. Animation is often the best way to present for marketing and demonstration purposes. While humans are essential in creating products, they often get in the way when presenting them. Recently, an ongoing client gave us a preliminary and patented design for a unique addition to a toilet seat.  VTS did refine the design.  We then produced a prototype, arranged for mass production, and pulled together a marketing campaign.

THE PRODUCT:  It is inserted under the toilet seat.

THE CONCEPT:  When a little boy pees without the benefit of Splashmate, the urine often splashes about the toilet seat and beyond.  There is simply no controlling it. With Splashmate, the pee is captured before it escapes to all over the place.  The Splashmate shape then causes it to flow right into the toilet bowl.

THE MARKETING AND PRESENTATION CHALLENGE:  While a picture is often worth a thousand words, how in the world can one present the above concept, especially using human models?  The ANSWER is that the presentation is difficult.  Doing it with human models would be near impossible.  


THE SOLUTION:  USE ANIMATION.  This allowed us to eliminate the need for a little boy model and clearly show off the benefits of the Splashmate without confusion or embarrassment.  Take a look at the animation.  From it, one can see the purpose and how it works.  Using actual video footage and including the human component would make things far more confusing.  The focus of such a video would be on the humans and not on the product. The benefits of ANIMATION are not unique to the SPLASHMATE.  So often, the very best and clearest presentation can be accomplished through the use of ANIMATION.  And that is why we produce ANIMATION for our clients. The potential uses are several.  Some use it to optimize marketing.  Some use it to demo a product for investors or other interested parties.

Vector offers its customers animation services, 3d printing, or other manufacturing, or, we believe, better yet, is a package that incorporates these two services. It’s common that we design and/or build an excellent product for our clients. However, often, the remaining dilemma is in the presentation. Whether it is to be before a corporate board, a VC firm, or for advertising purposes, there is almost always the need for a presentation. We do not recommend that animation be used exclusively, however, our clients have found that it allows for a better and clearer presentation. For advertising, a video is often the ideal medium. All too often, it is the human that gets in the way of the presentation. Animation tends to address that issue.

Some time ago, during the peak of Covid, Vector designed and built its first version of its electrostatic cleaner. That device, when used with the correct EPA-approved disinfectant, will kill a variety of viruses and sorts of germs. Vector knew that it had developed one of the best devices on the market, and ours was the only device with a travel case. We understood that people would want to clean their hotel rooms and other areas when they traveled. Our mission was to address that issue, and we did. The problem, however, was that we could not figure out how to demonstrate this feature to third parties. Finally, Vector concluded that we could demonstrate with animation that which was very difficult to demonstrate in any other fashion. Below is one of the animation videos done for that early version of the Vector Electrostatic Cleaner.

Within the upcoming month, Vector will be rolling its new, very portable electrostatic cleaner. It is the smallest, lightest, and we think, the best device of its kind. It is ideal for personal and commercial use. Where the typical unit will weigh around 3-5 pounds, ours weighs .44 pounds. And it has a travel case that is custom-made for this device. We have decided to roll out the device by using animation to demonstrate its various features. Vector believes in this approach, which is why we use it for our own designs. We often test concepts with our own products prior to recommending them to our clients. Animation is such an example.

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