Thanksgiving In 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving In 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody and everyone here at Vector Technology Systems wish you an amazing holiday season. This year, almost all of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving a lot different than before with the pandemic altering our daily lives. There are different alterations such as Zooming with your family during Thanksgiving or staying home in case of infecting one another. We believe we must take precautions during COVID and once this virus dies down, we can all live our normal lives once again.

Be Careful

However, when I said almost all of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving differently, there are some who will treat Thanksgiving like it was before. According to NPR, there are going to be over millions of people traveling for Thanksgiving. With crowded airports and planes, we can guarantee the spread will continue. If you do travel, please take precautions and wear a mask, stay six feet apart from others, and stock up on essential needs such as disinfecting wipes and so on.

We understand that Thanksgiving is a time to be with your friends and family – months or years have they been apart from each other and finally receiving the time to meet one another. We have plenty of masks here for sale – more affordable and effective than our competitors. Please stay safe out there and we’ll see through this pandemic soon enough. According to Dr. Fauci, the likelihood of a vaccine distributed to the general public will be around April – but stay tuned and have a happy Thanksgiving.