Vacuum Forming

The incredible turn around of Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is one fabrications that can be done really fast. Once the mold is ready, dozens of parts can be made using the same mold. having a 3D printing arm in house we can create these molds and modify them quickly to get your parts to you. 3D printing and CNC do not come close to the speed of this fabrication method.

Vacuum forming has a wide range of materials

The wide range of materials can accommodate any demands you parts will need. The sheets used in this fabrication are easily obtainable and can be sourced on demand. The mold can be reused many times so different sheets can be used to narrow in on the physical needs you are looking for. Typically Acrylic and ABS can be used with our former.



This plastic is best for clear parts. It has a high impact and durability while being light weight. Great option for parts looking for punishment and use as it is high impact resistance. It retains many of the properties of acrylic after it is done molding like UV resistant for outdoor uses. This can be used for aircraft windows, signs, skylights, and medical components.

  • MAX Thickness of 5.0 mm (0.236 in)


This is a really hard plastic part. Along with its extreme durability it is also low cost. This is great material for heavy use parts. The vacuum formed part has excellent rigidity ideal for containers or sudden impact. The raw material sheet can be textured to hide scratches and have gripping. Commonly used for external parts subject to the elements. These vacuum formed parts are used in sectors such as vehicle parts, electrical parts, and luggage.

  • MAX Thickness of 6.0 mm (0.197 in)


A shortage of rubber brought this to popularity. It has many properties of rubber and also excels beyond it. The PVC it self can be changed by altering its composition making it softer for parts that need flexibility. The best quality is its resistance to chemicals making it ideal for pluming, medical, and cooking industry. The everyday products that this makes using vacuum forming is medical packaging, food storage, and plumbing parts.

Wide Selection of Thermoplastics

There are other options if your parts cannot use the most popular vacuum forming materials. This is all about customizing the material for the part being made. Its use, its industry, and environment can be considered here to get the highest quality and performance from it. These are usually cutting-edge materials being developed that can be tailored to your specifications.

Our Vacuum Former Specifics

  • Maximum build height: 300mm (11.8 in)
  • Forming Area: 2240 x 1040 (88.1×40.9 in)


  • Acrylic
  • PVC
  • ABS
  • Polypropylene
  • Polystyrene
  • Polyethylene
  • EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate)

If you are unsure of which will work best for your parts.

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