What To Watch Out For When Buying Masks In Bulk

buying masks in bulk

What To Watch Out For When Buying Masks In Bulk

Benefits of Buying in Bulk

We know that the demand for N95 masks are rising and that the supply cannot match it, based on the U.S. Department of Defense. That’s why here at Vector Technology Systems, we deliver the best quality N95 masks at a lower price than our competitors. Buying masks in bulk is one way to lower down the price, and we guarantee that not only that our masks are of great quality, but they are NIOSH certified as well. Please make sure to protect your employees during this chaotic pandemic and that buying in bulk is something companies will need to consider.

We took our own advice and obtaining overseas for massive amounts of N95 masks in bulk. Not only that these masks are high quality, but we get the benefit to sell them cheaper to you rather than gouging life saving products. Masks that are brought into our store are taken with precaution and to ensure that we have true N95 masks that are not counterfeits.

What to Watch Out For When Buying In Bulk

When buying masks in bulk, please keep in mind that over 35% of masks in the marketplace are counterfeit. In our other blog, we go over the details of what counterfeit masks are but to summarize: they do not protect you at all. These counterfeit masks do not filter our any viruses so that these people who are profiting over the demand of masks are easily infecting the general public.

Here at Vector Technology Systems, we are aware of this counterfeit mess that these people provide. The safety of our customers comes first and we strongly urge you to purchase from us or to make sure the masks that you wear are legitimate and will protect you.

Vector Gives Back

Your purchases to protect those around you and your workplace are actively benefiting those in need as well. For every $30 spent, we will donate $1 to charity. We have prepared over 166,000 meals for the homeless. We have provided hundreds of surgeries for those with cleft palates. Our goal is to help out as many people as we can as we are fortunate enough to stay open and generate revenue.